Friday, March 30, 2018

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One Lazy Afternoon at the Breakfast Republik

Having an extra day off from work is such a blessing especially for a full time working mom who is struggling to find a time for her family. It was also timely that my daughter has already done with the current school year. They are on vacation and she will be back in school in June. 

We decided to have an afternoon walk to the park which is located a few meters from our home. Our original plan was to try the newly opened Palamigan Resto just across the park, at the Albay Capitol Annex building. But when we got there, we saw this restaurant beside it which has caught our attention. The name seems new and unique, Breakfast Republik.

The Place:

The place is located at the Capitol Annex Building, Rizal Street, Old Albay, Legazpi City. Just across the Penaranda Park in Old Albay. The place is easily accessible via jeepney from Legazpi or Daraga and via tricycle when you will be coming in from the Legazpi City Airport.

We entered the place and found a few people inside. It's an Italian inspired restaurant. The place though seemingly small with few tables and chairs is clean, organized and a good place to spend a lazy afternoon. The waitress immediately offered a seat at a vacant table nearby. She also handed a menu booklet which we tried to browse. 

After a few minutes, we decided to order Mango Matcha Smoothie, Lasagna, and Italian Sausage Pasta. We didn't have to wait for long because orders were served after a few minutes. 

Our orders were served:

Lasagna served with bread

I am not a typical pasta lover because I would always go for noodles or what we called pancit guisado. But when the order was served, I was enticed because of the aroma that filled the air when the hot lasagna was placed on the table. The sauce is flavorful and slightly spicy. The cheeses made it creamy and soft. 

The Italian Sausage Pasta

The pasta was served in a plate with a large bread on the side, seems to be a perfect combination and to probably appear that they are serving in large quantity. Italian Sausage Pasta is basically made up of flat noodles with rich thick sauce topped with cheese with added spices. My daughter was satisfied with the rich flavor of the pasta. She said it tastes good not too sweet and with an added spicy flavor.

Mango Matcha Smoothie

My daughter truly enjoyed this tall glass filled with Mango Matcha Smoothie with a creamy ice cream on top. Its sweet and savory flavor completed her day. 

The Price:

Breakfast Republik was charging a very reasonable price. It may be a bit higher than the ordinary fast food chains in the place but with the service so great plus the delicious food, paying such amount is acceptable.

We paid an amount of Php 495.00 ($10.00) for the meal. 

We had a short walk after and I decided to go to the grocery while my daughter went to the mall to buy something. It was a perfect day and the weather was good the whole day.

Here is a short video showing what's inside the Breakfast Republik.

Thank you, everyone, for dropping by. Have a great day! 

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