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Albay Park and Wildlife: A Close Encounter With Nature

Summer season is the perfect time to travel, enjoy the beauty of nature, and the heat of the sun. Looking into Chart of Season and Months Around the World, it can be noted that in most parts of the world, April and May are the months for summer and spring. 

In the Philippines, summer season would usually occur during the months of April and May. These are also the months when classes are implementing the two-month vacation period for the students. This is the reason why Filipino families are taking the advantage of traveling to other places and visiting the famous tourist spots in the country.

Albay, A Great Place to Visit

Albay province is located in the Southeastern Luzon of the Philippines. Reachable via air and land, Albay is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the country. The presence of the famous Mayon Volcano in the vicinity of the province is making it popular throughout the whole world. 

Unknown to many, there are other places which are equally awesome and worth the visit to the province of Albay. One of these is the Albay Park and Wildlife.

Albay Park and Wildlife

sitting+area, park

If you want to have an up-close encounter with the wild and nature, don't forget to drop by at the Albay Park and Wildlife in Legazpi city. 


Albay Park and Wildlife is nestled between the Lignon Hill and the Legazpi City Domestic Airport. If you will come to the place from the Airport, you can just rent a tricycle to bring you to the place. If you are from Legazpi City, You can take a Loop 1 Jeepney. 

The place is open from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM except on Mondays. 

Entrance and Other Fees:

Entrance Fee - Php 50.00 ($1.00)
Parking Fee - Php 10. ($ 0.20)

What to Expect from Albay Park and Wildlife?

A spacious ground which can be utilized for family bonding moments and picnic area. You can bring your own food with you when you visit the place and use the cottages within the area to share the food with the family.

Children's Playground


Children will surely enjoy playing in the spacious playground with a giant dinosaur holding the ladder to the slide. 

Covered Cottages

covered cottage
Sitting on the chair under the mushroom-like cover would be an exciting thing to do especially if you are spending the time with your loved one.

A Lovely Gazebo in the Middle of a Lagoon


A lovely gazebo in the middle of the lagoon is a perfect place for picture taking or just having to view the fantastic sceneries around the area. There are also fishes in the lagoon. This is actually my favorite part of the place. 

Can you resist the invitation of these enticing mini boats waiting for you to ride on them and traverse the lagoon?

The Birds and Other Animals

There are plenty of animals inside the zoo which you can see up close when you visit the Albay Park and Wildlife.

The deer

Crowned Pigeon

The Philippine Eagles

Meet Tommy, the Tiger. 

If you came to Legazpi, don't forget to visit the Albay Park and Wildlife. Although this place may not be the best, I could assure that you will enjoy your visit to the place. 


Thank you for reading. 

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