Monday, April 2, 2018

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Here Comes the Month of April

It's the second day of April. First working day of the month. The long weekend is over and we need to go back to work.

I can feel the warm air as it blows across my face. The heat coming from the sun is penetrating into my skin and giving me a burning sensation. When I entered the room, The humid temperature makes me wanna increase the intensity of the air conditioning unit inside the office. 

Oh, it's summer once again! Although there is no official announcement yet from the weather bureau, the current temperature can make me say summer is here! 

April is usually the hottest time of the year. Although nowadays, we could no longer expect that the weather would be hot as it was normal during the old days. Like last year, it was April when a typhoon hits the country. That was during my birthday. 

What Makes April My Favorite Month?

Image Credits: AdamKontor via Pixabay

April is the fourth month of the year and here are the reasons why this is my favorite month:
  • First and foremost, April is my birth month. 
  • The weather is perfect for the family beach outing
  • April is vacation time for students which means I am temporarily free from giving allowance. 
  • It's the best time to travel.
  • I can move around easily because the weather is good

A Great Opening for the Second Quarter

April is the first month of the second quarter. The first quarter of the year has slipped off too fast we don't even notice we are already in the second quarter. My writing career has made a turning point which made me learned a lot from my blogging activities during the previous quarter. It was a great achievement for me and I am determined to continuously improve my skills.

I learned how to use different software and applications which made my work even easier. Though I know there is still so much to learn, I know I had a great start. I have some great goals before the end of the current year and I am hoping to achieve these goals before the year ends. 

Reaching a goal can be difficult especially if we have a limited time to work on it. But through hard work, determination and staying positive will help to make these goals turned into a reality.

April is Associated with spring season in some areas of the world. Although in my country, where there are only two seasons, summer and rainy seasons. I wish to experience spring in other countries. 

"Spring is a new beginning. Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and the earth seems to come to life again."

One of the countries that I am aiming to visit is Japan because of a very significant event happening every year in the country, the annual blossoming of cherry trees or Sakura.

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Maybe not this time but in the near future. I will continue to strive harder in order realize this dream.Other countries I want to visit are Italy, England, Indonesia,
Canada, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Though, as of now, I am still  working really hard to earn and save more so that I may be able to realized my dreams.

Here is a quote to brighten up your day!

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  1. Here it is indeed. A new and promising month. Hope yours will be epic.

    1. Thank you for visiting. I am always positive that everything will turn out great. I wish you the same. More blessings!