Monday, April 9, 2018

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Where to Eat in Legazpi City

A few days from now, I will be celebrating my birthday but up to this time, I couldn't decide what I will gonna do on that special day. Well, of course, I want something memorable without spending too much. Having to celebrate my special day with my loved ones would be enough.

During the start of the year, I already filed a special privilege leave and forced leave for 5 days covering the days prior and up to my birthdate. So I have a lot of time to rest and to probably visit some places around. 

As of now, I am contemplating as to whether I will spend it here in my place or visit other places in the country. Well, maybe I can do both. 

I guess I need to make a recap of some of the places that I have visited during the past few months in order to help me decide where I will be celebrating my upcoming special day. Although, I am a very busy mom, having a day job and an online work which I am trying to manage for several years, I also have time to visit some of the famous fast food chains in our place. 

Occasionally, I would write reviews about fast food and restaurants that I tried out. I am submitting these articles to my favorite writing site, Bitlanders. Here are some of the latest places that I visited:

Artisan's Specialty Coffee

Artisan's Specialty Coffee is known to be the first minimalist coffee shop in Legazpi City. You will admire the overall white wall with black accent giving the place a highly modernized feel. Simple yet elegant! The white round tables with matching Scandinavian chairs perfectly blend with the overall design of the place.

Who will forget the remarkable service we experienced during our visit? The staff was polite and accommodating and the food we ordered was served after a short wait. 
  • The Food and the Coffee
Artisan's Specialty Coffee

We ordered coffee, an Italian-style pasta, a carbonara and a slice of chocolate cake which tasted great. 

Italian Style Carbonara

Although the amount seems to be a little higher than the other cafes in the city, I must say that the food and service are worth the price. 

The place is best for small gatherings or even alone or with a close friend. 

AVP Catering

This is a place for occasions with a medium number of guests.  The wide hall can accommodate 150 to 200 guests. The place caters to different occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, and conferences. 

There is a stage that is designed for the conduct of programs for the event. I have been in the place when I was invited to become an emcee during a birthday party. 

The food is prepared and served just right. Everything was delicious!

Perhaps I would consider having this place for my birthday party if I have to throw a big party event. But for now, I don't have this plan yet.

Bon Appetea

Bon AppeTea is a place to visit if you would like to break away from your daily work routine. We visited the place twice but haven't been able to return recently because of the tons of work in the office. 

The foods being served in this place are awesome you may wanna come back for more. 

Honeydew Ice Blended Frappes

Based on its name, you could tell that their specialty products are milk tea. during their opening, they had a buy one-take on promo which we had availed. On another date, we ordered Penne and Cheese Pasta with a toasted waffle on the side (photo below).

Penne and Cheese Pasta

The mouthwatering Banana Hazelnut Waffle Sandwich truly completed my day. The just-right sweetness could be an excuse to eat more.

Banana Hazelnut Waffle Sandwich

We had a truly amazing experience with the site. It's an accessible and convenient place where we could stay for a lazy day or have a small talk with friends. I greatly recommend it to my friends.


Bonchon is another Korean Restaurant that is starting to be popular in the city. along with the popularization of Korean culture in the country, Korean restaurants started to flourish in the area.

Bonchon, meaning “my hometown” in Korean, is a global Korean comfort food restaurant brand that originated from South Korea in 2002. Founder and owner Mr. Jinduk Seo spent years perfecting the distinct cooking technique and addictive sauces that have made Bonchon Chicken the well-loved global phenomenon it is today.

Bonchon Korean Bingsu Brownie

This is a Korean Bingsu Brownie which was served after having our main course. It's a Korean powdered ice topped with crushed brownies and milky creme. 

Bonchon specialty is Honey Glazed Fried Chicken. It is the first time I tasted a honey glazed fried chicken and I can say, the taste is good. But I was a little disappointed because of the small serving portion of the chicken. 

But on the overall, it was a satisfying experience. Bonchon can be found in Ayala Mall in  Legazpi City.

On the final thought...

I still have a few days more to decide where I will spend my birthday.  

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  1. oh!!! this Banana Hazelnut Waffle Sandwich...!!! thank you for this mouthwatering post!!!

    1. Thank you for dropping by. I am glad that you like it.

  2. The coffee from Artisan's Looks sooo delicious I think aI am going to grab one from my local coffee spot. I actually have never heard of Legazpi but I will keep it mind if I ever visit the Philippines.

    XO Andie

    1. Hi Andie! Yes, they have their own way of making special coffee. Thank you for visiting my site.

  3. That cabonara...oh my god. It looks amazing!

    1. Hi Izzy! I love it. The Italian style Carbonara really tastes great! Thank you for dropping by.

  4. And i just want to visit legazpi soon.

    1. Glad to know that. Thank you for reading my post.